Install the Drop Tank into your yard or directly into a job site. Reduce your dumping costs by managing your waste and soils conveniently on site at a processing rate of 0-500 GPM. The treated water is clean enough to just be disposed of into the sewer. Save time and money in controlling solids disposal for more efficient work flow.



○ The Drop Tank can clean water up to 97% by weight.

○ The resulting water can be safely dumped into a sewer or reused.

○ Drive-over dump zone at ground level for a simplified dumping process.

○ Patented 4×4 MDS system significantly reduces solid content.

○ MDS has a total of 19,600 in² screen area

○ Centrifuge removes finer particles up to 6 microns.

○ Entire work area on ground level for easy access and safety.

○ Reduce sand content down to < 0.1%.

○ Passes paint filter liquids test (EPA 9095B).

○ Variable speed processing rate up to 500 GPM.

○ Reuse treated water in backfill.



Length 40 ft 12.2 m
Width 8 ft 2.4 m
Height 12 ft 3.7 m
Weight 30,200 lbs 13,700 kgs
Tank capacity (Standard) 8,000 gal 30,280 L
Tank capacity (High Cube) 20,000 gal 75,706 L


Processing Rate 0-500 GPM
MDS 4×4