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Our goal with the MMR was to SIMPLIFY. In addition to cost savings from a reduction in waste removal, we streamlined the operating process. The built-in automated functions creates a simplified workplace that require less workers to operate the unit. Our large capacity tanks keep a smooth and consistent recycle and mix cycle. The 150-200 GPM processing rate has been designed for mid sized HDD units.



○ Easy setup with the use of powered hydraulic jacks. Quickly level the MMR for maximum efficiency.

○ Patented 3×3 MDS system significantly reduces solid content.

○ Six balanced hydro-cyclones to reduce sand content and extend the lifetime of your drill.

○ Smart autonomous functions for consistent workforce.

○ Fast mix system to keep drilling fluid at optimal levels.

○ Utilizes our PUP unit to meet your recycling needs.



Length 20 ft 6.1 m
Width 8 ft 2.4 m
Height 10 ft 3 m
Weight 12,300 lbs 5,580 kgs
Tank capacity 2,000 gal 7,571 L


Processing Rate 150-200 GPM
MDS 3×3
Desilter 6 Hydrocyclones