Self contained mud recycling units to support HDD trenchless technology to provide cost, time, and money savings:

  • Trailer mounted to easily move through city streets

  • Reduce cost on waste disposal and drilling fluid

  • Removes the need to continuously run vacuum units

  • Reduce fluid system wear

  • Environmentally friendly

Reduce and reuse. Learn how mud recyclers can improve profits and increase productivity to support HDD projects.


Our water solutions create an opportunity to significantly reduce waste hauling costs:

  • Reduce waste removal costs

  • Easy drive over dumping inlet

  • High capacity storage tanks

  • Simple and consistent solid removal

  • Install in your job site or yard

After treatment the cleaned water can legally and safely be dumped into a sewer or reused.


Microtunneling results for a fraction of the cost:

  • Handles any type of rock, dirt, or sand

  • Large variety of boring diameters to meet job specifications

  • Sturdy heads with steering capabilities

  • Hydraulically powered steering capabilities

  • Benefits of trenchless technology

Tackle the toughest bores with Boretec strong equipment.


Smart boring begins with staying on track, monitor more than just your pitch and roll with our smart locator:

  • Bright sunlight readable LCD Screen

  • Displays pitch and roll changes

  • Exportable logging feature

  • One touch calibration

  • Easily mount monitor to control station

For auger boring with steerable heads.


Our tough hydraulic clam buckets are designed versatile enough to handle any material:

  • Hydraulically powered cylinders

  • Clam buckets opens up to 180°

  • Wear plate for extended life

  • Low center of gravity

  • Customizable sizes

Mount directly onto hydraulically powered cranes or excavators.