We at Boretec Equipment help our clients develop simple solutions to their complex problems. We provide expertise in petroleum, municipal, construction, industrial applications. As investments into drilling increases, the need for waste and solid control is at a high. Stabilize and control mud properties for optimal performance and operations. Simplify your jobsite with a reduction in disposal and trucking along with less labor and water requirements. Let us lower costs without compromising on quality.

Thunder Storm II for Thunder Products

The thunderstorm line was designed for Thunder Products with a focus on ease of mobility and a small footprint. For use with HDD rigs, we developed the first prototypes and managed updates with customer feedback in mind. We’ll work closely with you to develop a product to meet your specifications and needs. We pay close attention to detail and will work our best to design the optimal product that performs well with an affordable price tag.

Steerable Rock System (SRS) for Mclaughlin

The SRS was designed with with precision in mind. Multi-directional flaps allow the operator to steer the bore and stay on target. Combined with out Smart Locator, you can bore exactly to plan by minimizing mistakes in calculations. By managing our customers expectations and our creativity, we can design exceptional products together.

Drop Tank for California Boring

California Boring was looking a customized version of our Drop Tank line. We modified our traditional Drop Tank to fit their job requirements with an option of more than double its normal capacity. We also offer a custom paint job to match your company colors.

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